PostHeaderIcon Friday Surprise: Celebrity Caroling With The Decemberists.

A party was held at the Southwest home of Bill Dickey and David Wagner. Billed as a "holiday party with a purpose" it was a benefit for the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. Imbibing in all that is good and coffee nudgey, late in the evening the greenies gathered around Dickey's piano and joined Jenny Conlee and Colin Meloy from The Decemberists for a little sing-a-long. I managed to tape a few bars...that is until Mr. Meloy realized I was filming him.
So, without further ado, live from Southwest Portland, here's Christmas with Colin and Jenny:


PostHeaderIcon Thursday WTF Grab Bag: Burnt Milk, Lesbo Bookstore Blues and Does Anybody Need A Housekeeper?

GLOBES GETS IT WRONG: Milk is a great film. It's supposed to win a ton of awards. And it has won one. But, in what could be considered a bad sign for the Big Show (aka The Academy Awards), The Golden Globes, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to grant the film just one nomination: Sean Penn for Best Actor.
Yes. Just one. But, really should we be sooo surprised? I can't read the mind of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assoc. but, damn, this is not only a snub to Gus Van Sant, James Franco (above with my partner Juan at the Portland premiere) and all the others involved in the film, but a slap in the face to the memory of the late, great Harvey Milk.

IN OTHER NEWS: In Other Words, the last non-profit feminist bookstore in the entire country, might close at the end of the year. I know it's a tough time, but this place has to stay in business. Please consider them when you are looking to give a few bones to charity this season. The following is from the good folks at the bookstore: We need to raise $11,000 before the end of December. Otherwise we are going to have to close. And we can reach this goal, if everyone who cares about In Other Words makes a contribution, large or small. Please dig deep. And consider becoming a monthly sustainer. When you contribute monthly from your checking account or credit card, we have regular income we can count on. AND as a monthly sustainer you receive a 10% discount on all book purchases. Best wishes, the Board, Staff, and Volunteers of In Other Words
Here is the link to donate.

JOB BOARD: Another Willamette Week employee (and recent member of BBW) is joining me "outside" the office. Her name is Laura. And she is an amazing person. She did loads of stuff for WW. And she will be missed. That said, I hear she is an amazing house cleaner too. If you're able to still afford that and looking to hire a really cool person here is her email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Or if you are a member you can just send her a message here.


PostHeaderIcon Nicholas Notifier: Former Oregonian Columnist Lands New (Corporate) Gig.

Congrats to former Oregonian columnist Jonathan Nicholas.
The longtime local scribe has a new job. And it's a doozy.
Nicholas is the new Vice President of Branding & Corporate Communications for The ODS Companies. ODS, says its website, "is a multi-faceted organization that provides dental, medical, and professional liability insurance products, along with a variety of business services including dental practice management software and benefits administration."
As he said in an email he sent me: "I'm about to learn whether I've had a (deeply philanthropic) corporate executive living inside me all these years."
Good luck, Jonathan. I have a feeling you will kick ass.
(Photo of Nicholas by Jonathan Maus)

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PostHeaderIcon More Radio News: Marconi OUT, Cort and Fatboy IN for KUFO's Late Afternoon Shift.

RADIO DAZED: Hot on the heels that Tim Riley has been laid off at AM 970 (see previous blog post), word has hit the airwaves that there some ch-ch-ch-changes happening on the FM band today too. It's been confirmed that "The Marconi Show" is out at KUFO Rock 101—at least during drive time. That 3 to 7 pm slot has been filled by the funloving "Cort and Fatboy Show" who will now actually get to go out at night instead of being stuck in that studio. Speaking of studio time, a quick peek at KUFO's website indicates that "Big Jim" , who used to produce Marconi's show, has taken over Cort and Fatty's 7 pm to midnight gig. No word on where Marconi—aka "Portland's media dumpling"—will go next.
(Photo of Fatboy and Cort with film director James Westby and rock mama Storm Large)


PostHeaderIcon Breaking News: Popular Radio News Guy "Laid Off" on Rick Emerson Show.

"And that is the way of things today."
Rick Emerson just said that on the air at 970 AM. It was in regards to the fact that the news guy for the popular Rick Emerson Show, advice sovaldi Tim Riley, advice has just been laid off by the powers that be at CBS radio.
Riley was an essential part of the team that made up Emerson and producer Sarah X. Dylan. Today is his final day. Or as Dylan just said "final day for now."
Best wishes to you Mr. Riley.

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