PostHeaderIcon Thanks: A Toast to The Year That Was, The Year That Will Be (and Red Dresses)

It's just hours before the clock strikes you-know-what and I still need to drop off a bunch-o-crap at the Goodwill, but I thought it might be a nice time to say something I've pretty much neglected to do since I started this blog about a month ago.

And that is: Thank You.

Thanks to all of you who've stopped by for a visit, and especially those of you who have taken the time to become members. I don't know how this whole "social networking" thing really works, but you had enough faith in this site to actually sign up. And, for that I am grateful. Fact is, this project is a lot more fun than I ever expected it to be (and I never thought that, in just about a month, this site would be inching ever-so-close to its 10k visitor).

Sure, I miss my gig at Willamette Week. I love that paper and what it stands for. I truly believe in the principles of alternative journalism, and pray for its survival.

And, I will always be grateful that the powers-that-be, specifically Mark Zusman, Hank Stern, Kelly Clarke, Caryn Brooks (and others who had to put up with my sass), for giving me my very own soap box. Without it I would not be doing this.

So, what's next? Well, I will be working hard on at least a couple of new projects.

And this "Window" will definitely stay open.

For those of you who didn't know me before this site and because I am in a reflective mood, I offer you the following: Willamette Week has graciously included me in the year-ending "Most Read Stories on" I didn't know that four of the top fifteen stories were attributed to my byline. And I sure didn't know that the first time I would appear on the cover of that paper I would be wearing a red dress standing next to a president's daughter.
Ah, it was a good year. Here's looking forward to the next.


PostHeaderIcon The Gossip: I'm Sweating it Out in the Hot Box on KGW-TV Tonight!

Just before I head to the Keller Auditorium for the opening night of The Color Purple,
KGW"s Stephanie Stricklen and I will gossip like girls on her evening news show.

Check it out here or read the det's below:

Tonite in the Hot Box.. Byron Beck.
He's a witty, fun guy who is about as plugged into the cool Portland scene as they come.
We'll chat with him about his new venture (Check out his new website here: and ask him about which celebs like to visit Portland, what are some of his favorite party memories and (gulp!) about some of the scoops he wishes he never published.

OMG, what did I just sign up for?


PostHeaderIcon Thank God It's Monday: The Weekend (Party) Report, Holiday Edition

There are parties. And then there is Thomas Lauderdale's Annual Holiday Party.
It simply is the best party of the year. In fact, the Saturday night soiree was likely the best one ever. I know that sounds a little hyped up, but really, after all that snow, everyone looked so happy to be out of the house and amongst friends. Held in Pink Martini's downtown office/Lauderdale's loft it always attracts the most interesting people—everyone from artist and rockstar dad, Blackie Dammett (seen above with Lauderdale), to Oregonian Editor Sandra Rowe. And, of course, there were enough cupcakes, sliders, oranges...and ensure that I would have to make several apologies the next day.
As I said, it was a great party. Here's the proof:

Find more photos like this on Byron Beck's Window


PostHeaderIcon STORM During The STORM: Everyone (including a Red Hot Chili Pepper) descends on Winter WonderBall.

I love my blog. Here's why. Yesterday (after being tipped off by a very dear friend) I posted on BBW that the frontman for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, was spotted downtown (see previous post). Well, Storm Large saw that and commented on the blog that, "I should invite him and his dad [Blackie Dammett] to her show." So, guess what? I did. And, again, guess what? They said, "yes." So, after dining at Paley's with Kiedis's Portland pal, Gus Van Sant, Anthony and his entourage trudged through the snow and sleet and were whisked into the Wonder Ballroom just in time to see Storm and her special guests, including Liv Warfield and Tahoe Jackson, literally melt the snow off the roof of the music hall, Balls and all. Backstage during intermission, Storm's man and fellow "baller," Davey Nipples, said it was because of the Peppers that he was a musician.
Yeah, it was one of those nights.

Find more photos like this on Byron Beck's Window


PostHeaderIcon Breaking Stardar Report: Ari Shapiro isn't the only Superstar in Town Right Now.

Just got word from my peeps on the street that Red Hot Chili Pepper front man, Anthony Kiedis, was just spotted at the Stumptown coffee outlet located in the Ace Hotel. Now, it's not worth slipping on the ice just to see him. The guy spends a lot of time in town, as his father, Blackie Dammett (pictured above with Kiedis at an '08 art gallery opening), has an incredible home here and the two of them are also developing an upcoming project about Kiedis's early life a la "Entourage."
I guess there really is no place like home—or Portland—for the holidays.

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