PostHeaderIcon On The Radio: Taking to the Airwaves to Talk About Sam's "Situation"

On Thursday I'll be making appearances at noon on The Rick Emerson Show and my weekly 5 pm-ish stint on The Cort and Fat Boy Show.
Instead of my usual witty gay repartee I will be discussing the crappy situation of the day.
It's time to talk. And I hope, if you have a chance, you will listen in.


PostHeaderIcon The Mayor Mess: Here's All I Have to Say About it...For Now.

Just Out reporter Jaymee Cuti asked me to comment on the whole Sam Adams mess (she's not the only one). Frankly, right now, I don't have much to say other than what I said here. But I do want to clarify one thing, I think it's unfortunate that me and my fellow gays, as well as other disenfranchised folks, often feel like we are held to a different standard than straight white males.


PostHeaderIcon Breaking News Is A Strange Mistress: Rocket to Become New Home of Noble Rot

Earlier this week Leather Storrs told me that he was "thinking about" closing the cozy and comfy Noble Rot and moving it into his swank, spacious (and closed) Rocket.
"It's time to shake things up," he said. While I wasn't surprised that the innovative chef/thinker was toying with the idea of closing one of this city's most beloved, and IMHO, best restaurants, and moving in literally uptown, I was surprised to see the announcement hit the Oregonian's website, OregonLive today.
That's due in large part because Storrs told me that, although, a decision would be made soon it was all still very hush-hush and asked that I keep it to myself.
The project reassembles the old Noble Rot team of Storrs, his wife Courtney and Kimberly Bernosky.


PostHeaderIcon Thank God It's Monday: Who Wants To Party?

Celeb-filled kick-off for the ever-popular Red Dress Party just announced.

Red Threads for Model Citizens Fashion Show 2009, takes place on Thursday, April 16th at 7 p.m. at the Jupiter Hotel. The event will help usher in this year's Red Dress Party, held later in May.

“The excitement and support for this new event is amazing,” said Stephen Cassell, Director of Sales at the Jupiter Hotel, who is co-chair alongside Kate Sokoloff, founder of Live Wire Radio. “People from all corners of Portland’s art, fashion and political community are coming out to support this new event."

Those confirmed to walk their best Red Dress stuff inside The Jupiter's Dream Tent so far are David Bragdon, Poison Waters, Marc Acito, Tara Dublin, Daria and Dallas Eliuk, Courtney Hameister, Lisa Schroeder, Katrina and Ted Wheeler, Amy Stephens and, yours truly, Byron Beck.

Should be fun and fueled with plenty of liquid courage. Ticket info to follow.

Speaking of cocktails, this Thursday The Jupiter hosts an Iron Bartender competition.
Here are the details:

Iron Bartender

See local bartenders throw down against each other to support Children's Relief Nursery. Four of Portland's top mixologists will battle to win the favor of local cocktail enthusiasts. You get to judge for yourself.

Tickets: $50

Molly Finnegan, ROUX
Brian Hilby, The Heathman
Derek Palmer, Alberta Street Oyster Bar & Grill
Sean Skvarka, Saucebox

To Purchase Tickets: visit us at


PostHeaderIcon Breaking News: Kevin Cook, aka Poison Waters, is OUT at Portland Monthly.

Just heard through the Facebook grapevine that Kevin Cook, sickness aka Poison Waters, check was laid off from his job at Portland Monthly. I will try to score some details about his situation.
And pssst...Kevin...if anyone is going to land on their six-inch heels, it will be you.

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