PostHeaderIcon How Do You Spell Mayor? Sam Adams Makes an Appearance at local Spelling Bee.

I saw at least one bigwig from a local tv station in the audience, but there were very few whirring cameras in attendance when Mayor Sam Adams made a surprise appearance Thursday night at the Ninth Annual Wells Fargo Celebrity Spelling Bee. Adams joined a full house of spelling junkies at the end of the evening to announce a record-breaking amount of money raised that night for the charitable Schoolhouse Supplies, a local program that is able to give local teachers items such as glue sticks and crayons so they don't have to raid their own piggybanks just so their students can have a craft class.

As for the celeb spellers, it was a Love Boat's worth of local characters, including KGW morning man Drew Carney, politico Steve Novick, sax man Patrick Lamb, authors damali ayo, Marc Acito and Chelsea Cain, and ball busters Storm Large, Gert Boyle as well as Portland Monthly Publisher Nicole Vogel, who earlier that day, laid off eight of her employees. Oh well, at least she can spell. By the end of the evening some smarty-pants kid named Trevor took home the title, barely beating out a panty-less Storm. Damn, that girl is smart.
Here are photos from the evening:

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PostHeaderIcon UPDATED: Portland Monthly shows 8 Employees The Door.

Jesus Christ, is the purging of our local publications ever going to end?
Update: From what I gather there were cuts across the boards. People from the top down have been let go, or perhaps are being reconfigured, into new positions at the glossy mag.
My sources come from outside the office, but from what I've gathered I can confirm that 8 people were let go.
(Photo of PoMo Publisher Nicole Vogel taken later that evening at Schoolhouse Supplies Spelling Bee)


PostHeaderIcon UPDATE: Sam Adams WILL Attend the Mayor's Winter Gala (Now In His Own Words).

Good News: Rather than steer clear of the party that, after all, was originally in his honor, I've heard word from the organizers that our Mayor will literally face the music and dance:
In what is likely to be his first public appearance at a social event since the story broke, Sam Adams will be attending the Q Center's Mayor's Winter Gala on Saturday night.

Here's what The Mayor shared with Gwenn Baldwin, one of the event organizers:

It's important that everyone understand that I have not been disinvited from the Gala and in fact wholeheartedly support the event planned for January 31. When news events unfolded, I asked for the time and space to make decisions about my future. Q Center respects that and supports me as a person in making whatever decision I make. I encouraged Q Center to broaden the event to celebrate all of Portland because I did not want Q Center to be caught up in the situation. I want this event to be a great success for an important community organization. I intend to be there and I hope everyone else will be there too.
We have a lot to celebrate and it will be good to do so as a community.

You know I will be there. Will you?

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PostHeaderIcon Thank God It's Monday: Grocery Stores are a Great Spot to Spot Celebs.

I've seen Joey Harrington there. And a bunch of semi-famous actors/musicians/foodies.
It's the Whole Foods in the Brewery Blocks. And it seems to be celeb central, at least for their deli and grocery needs.
On Saturday I saw Colin Meloy of The Decemberists there with what I think was his family.
Knowing that he's a bit of a political junkie, I wanted to ask him what he thought of the whole Sam Adams situation, but everyone else was letting him eat in peace, so I did too.
(Photo of Meloy with Jeff Cogen, Dec. 2008.)


PostHeaderIcon Sam Adams Stay IN Office Day: Pics from the Press Confab and Rally (and did anyone see Leno last night?)

Just Out was wrong. Sam Adams does not have to resign. And Just Out does not speak for the gay community. Want to know why? I was at City Hall on Friday—both at Thomas Lauderdale's press confab on Friday afternoon and the rally later night that included an appearance from Dan Savage—and many of my glbt brothers and sisters and a whole helluva lot of straight allies—all agree: Sam Adams MUST stay in office. Here are photos from the event...and btw..did any see Leno last night? WTF?

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