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Teen models, Twila Bennett, Tracy Pendergast at Portland Fashion Week

BACKSTAGE AT PFW: Due to some unplanned personal stuff I was only able to catch the pre-show of Night Two of Portland Fashion Week.  But what a pre-show. That's because I joined my fellow Earth2World-er, Francine Raften, as she taped an upcoming episode of her show "Tell Me About It."

Francine and I gained access to all the hub-bub that goes on backstage at a big fashion show. It was awesome, but was missing was all the drama you might see on a television that is hosted by Tyra Banks. In fact, last night, backstage at Portland Fashion Week, it was like one big, very busy family. I especially loved how well everyone got along including all the male models (who do it as much for the experience as the do it for the money and meeting girls). I was taken aback by two young women..actually teenagers...who had become "model BFFs."  Too bad I couldn't stay for the whole show. Choose your best with this site !

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