PostHeaderIcon Big Buh-Bye: 3 Willamette Week Staffers Bid "Adieu"


Former and current Willamette Week-ers David Walker, Margaret Seiler, Mark Zusman, Kelly Clarke, Byron Beck, Caryn Brooks, Richard Meeker and Andrea Manning

ONWARD: On Wednesday I had a chance to wish three now fellow ex-employees of Willamette Week well on their new adventures.

The three-headed goodbye party for Culture Editor Kelly Clarke (who started out as one of our interns and ending up being my boss), Copy Editor Kat Merck and writer James Pitkin who are all leaving to pursue new and still yet to be determined interests was held on Mississippi Avenue at Bar Bar and featured plenty of back pats and a few "oh my gawd, what will these three do next?"

Personally, I am of the notion that, economy be damned, they will all do just fine.

Now, how Willamette Week will do without them? Well, that's another story....

Last Updated (Friday, 19 August 2011 12:28)

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