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Genoa's Daniel Mondok, Le Pigeon's Gabe Rucker, Beast's Mika Paredes and Naomi Pomeroy

SUNDAY WITH THE STARS: Culinary wise, Sunday was a very busy day. That's the day James Beard in Oregon: A Celebration of Superstars & Master Chefs was held at the Multnomah Athletic Club—and omg—with all five James Beard Foundation Award winners and 14 nominees cooking under the same roof it was the food equivalent of the Battle of the Network Stars.

Complete with wine, microbrews and spirits from local providers (including Sokol Blosser and House Spirits) everywhere you looked there was a "star" from the local cuisine scene. For example, in one room there was Toro Bravo's John Gorham, Le Pigeon's Gabe Rucker and Beast's Naomi Pomeroy (by the way, whoever designed the layout of the event should know that you "never put Baby..I mean a corner"). Another room held the likes of Lincoln's Jenn Louis, Gruner's Christopher Israel and Paley's Vitaly Paley and in the main space you could find Caprial and John Pence, Pok Pok's Andy Ricker, Genoa's Daniel Mondok and David Anderson as well as Castagna's Matt Lightner.

Following that late afternoon blow-out (most of the venues actually ran out of food early) everyone gathered at the Ace Cleaners for the "James Beard After-Party" hosted by Clyde Commons and Eater PDX. That's where the likes of Mike Thelin, Karen Brooks and Caryn Brooks, Jason Valdez, Nate Tilden, Lisa Donoughe, Jeffrey Kingman Shawna McKeown, Ken Fornish, Carrie Welch and Erin DeJesus partied late into the night...that was until the last "after-party" which was allegedly held at Bunk Bar. I have no idea if that happened, but knowing this crowd I fully expected them to rage all the way into this morning when the actual Beard Award nominees were announced. Wow.

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