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Jaysen Deffley, aka "Skippy" will soon appear on Charlie FM

MEDIA NEWS: As first reported here the fashion-friendly Nicolle Camarata has her own morning show on Charlie FM.  At the time it was rumored that a male host would get an afternoon gig. So who is the guy who will man the afternoon airwaves for this local radio station? It's none other than long time Portland radio jock (and former Charlie FM morning guy) Jaysen Deffley, aka "Skippy." I talked to Skippy over the weekend about his new show on his old network and what he has been up to. Here is what he had to say:

"Skippy," can you tell us a bit about yourself and your history with PDX radio?

I've been in Portland Radio since 1996 when I started as Skippy "The Prize Guy" on Z100 I was 20. After logging thousands of hours on the streets giving away prizes, I had a solo show on Z100, and joined partner Dr. Doug in 1998. I then moved to Entercom in 2002 to do nights on Rosey 105, later 105.1 The Buzz. With the addition of Dr. Doug,and Daria we formed the "Afternoon Buzz" from 2-7pm. In 2007 I joined Charlie for the stations first morning show. After a 2 year break up...I'm back on Charlie.

For the kids who would like to do the same thing, how did you get into radio?

No bullshit...the main reason I got into radio was because when I met with my counselor in college I asked him, "What major requires the LEAST amount of math?" I was told acting and radio. I actually chose acting! After a term of Shakespere plays I was like...A) I'm terrible, and  B) I'll never make a living being an actor. I moved up to Portland after switching to radio as a major to go to the Mt. Hood broadcasting program, which I was lucky enough to be selected into. My first week there, my instructor Jeff Young said, "You have a shift on our college station( X58) tonight and you start an internship at Z100 on Monday." I was thrown into it, and it was the best thing ever!

Click on "read more" to find out how he ended up with the name "Skippy" and his thoughts on the new show:

What is one thing something people may not know about"Skippy"?

The name "Skippy" came as a blessing and a curse. Z100 back in the late 90's was a monster. At one point 1-4 cars were listening to Z100 back then. When I joined as an intern, I was among 14 other interns. Names like Bob, Jeff, Jennifer, Derek, Bryan...etc. My real name is Jaysen. Very common...doesn't stand out.

My first week there, I was supposed to be the Promotions Coordinator for the then Z100 Morning Zoo CD signing. During the event, I needed to go out to the van and get the CD's, stickers, and pens for the event. I turned the Van on, filipped on the lights, and came back inside. As soon as I shut the door I realized it locked. So with hundreds of people waiting to get CD's, and dumbass locked the Van while it was running with all the stuff inside.

We had to call my Promo Director down to unlock the van, and when he showed up he said, "Way to go Skippy!" (meaning dumbass!) It stuck, and became a way to stand out in the building over all the other interns...and I have been stuck with it ever since.

So what does the future hold for Skippy?

After the morning show ended on Charlie, I was kind of pissed at the On Air world. I was like, "I've been fired twice now, and both times I was given a bonus check for ratings." "So I do well...and I still get fired?" I thought that I should take what I knew about radio, and venture into the business side of radio for more security. I've been a CSM (Client Services Manager) for the past 16 months. I didn't get the bug to sell like I got the bug to create, and entertain. So when the opportunity came up to go didn't take me long to decide what to do. Yeah the job security sucks...but I'd rather do this for as long as possible and be happy, then have another job for 10 years and be miserable.

I like that the show is really going to be music focused. Instead of the same old boring, "Caller 10 wins!" crap, we are really going to engage more online with, and under
My Charlie. I hope to make the listeners of Charlie even more of the voice of the station than me! Think of me as the train conductor. I'll drive the train, but the listeners will be all the interesting stuff I'm towing! :) Before when I was on Charlie in the morning the music and station was really weird. We had Randy the pot smoking guy, John the Fisherman, Berry the raquetball player, and on and on. We'd play Duran Duran into the Love Boat theme. It was just a little too out there. So our show at the time was like sticking a square peg into a round hole. Now, the music is on point. I've ALWAYS wanted to work with Mark Hamilton, and I'm super excited about working with Nicole Camarata who was just hired to do mornings from 6-9am. I'm part of a great team now, with a clear direction!

Skippy's new show begins Monday, Feb 28th from 2pm-7pm on Charlie FM.

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