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Chelsea Cain, Katie O'Grady and Scott Taylor at Rid of Me screening

STARDAR REPORT: This weekend, best-selling mystery novelist/and all around cool gal, Chelsea Cain and her hubby, film critic Marc Mohan, opened their beautiful Portland home for an intimate, late-afternoon screening of James Westby's new film, Rid of Me, starring the woman in his life, Katie O'Grady.Those who gathered together to see the film included Katie's folks as well as Pennie Lane and Scott Taylor.

Just prior to the lights being dimmed in Chelsea and Marc's gorgeous screening room, I had a chance to talk to the award-winning Cain about the future of her most beloved chararcter, "Gretchen Lowell," who plays a prominent role in many of her thrillers.

It seems one of Hollywood's hottest actresses has optioned the rights to the "Lowell" story.

And who might that actress be? Well, none other than January Jones, who stars as "Betty Draper" on Mad Men and helped drive another thriller that opened this weekend, Unknown, to number one at the box office.

So how might Jones morph into a hot psycho killer to play Lowell? Well in a recent interview here, Jones was asked if she had any desire to play "nicer roles." Which she replied: "What’s fun about playing someone sweet? Sweet can be boring! I will try to stay away from that for everyone’s sake." Hot!

Here are a few pics from Saturday's "Rid of Me" screening:

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