PostHeaderIcon Model Citizen: In Search of PDX's Hamburger "Mary"


The crew from Hamburger Mary's Portland and winner Susan Overcast

HAMBURGER, OH MARY! Oh my god it was a weird night. I and ten other celeb judges, including Katrina Wheeler, KATU's Helen Raptis, The Buzz's Mitch Elliott, Maria Rojo de Steffey, Marty Davis and Darcelle herself, were given the dubious task of picking Portland's new "Hamburger Mary."  As in the "woman" who most looks and acts like the character that greets guests at Hamburger Mary's all over the country, and will soon be doing the same thing in little, old Portland as was first reported here and here .

The contest, hosted by the always spot-on Poison Waters, was held at Darcelle XV's on Sunday night and included performances by the contestants, as welll as Portland Idol winner Tamra Scanlan and some cute, incredibly hilarious drag queens who just moved here from L.A. named "Chi-Chi and Chonga."

The night's big winner was the unemployed Susan Overcast who not only sang a song tweaked especially for the contest, but made a little burger out of foam that rested on the top of her sassy, little head. Now, what she will do with the title of Miss Hamburger Mary's Portland is anybody's guess, but that gal can shake her sesame buns in my direction anytime she wants!

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