PostHeaderIcon Art Matters: Plan B Gallery Opens In Pearl District

WELL-PLANNED: So I missed the opening of Plan B last night. Plan B is artist/gallery owner Brad Rogers brand new art-space located next to Quintana's in the heart of the Pearl District (he used to be on NE Broadway).

So, due to the fact that I had missed the opening party (oops) I decided to go with my 'plan B' and check out Plan B today, one day after the big event. Rogers said the party was a blast and that many of his friends, including artists Gregory Grenon and Mary Josephson, stopped by to check out the art. I was just happy that I had a chance to check out the view too—including music lover Bill Crane's "man" (above)—and visit with Rogers amazing dog, Pearl.

DETAILS: Plan B is located at 120 NW 9th Ave., 503-236-0600

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