PostHeaderIcon Winners Circle: Election Night at Curious Comedy Theater

THREE FOR THE WIN: Karol Collymore called her folks. Jeff Cogen hugged his kids. And Dan Saltzman shook about every person's hand in the room. It was election night and these candidates for various city and county positions were all in the winners column by around  8:15 Tuesday night.Their three-way soiree, held at the Curious Comedy Theater in Northeast Portland, was packed with family, friends, well-wishers and colleagues (including Saltzman's Chief of Staff/Collymore's boyfriend Brendan Finn above), who patted backs, cajoled each other about campaign strategies, and dined on everything from giant meatballs to chili-fired brownies. As The Merc's Sarah Mirk (how much do I love saying that) pointed out, Collymore wore a fabulous pair of shoes. Below are some pics I snapped last night at the party, including photos of Mirk taking pictures of said shoes. There is also an interesting photo I snapped of City Commish Amanda Fritz. Well, see for yourself.

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