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FUNNY LADY: Instead of interviewing Lauren Weedman, a full-blown star of such tv hits as The Daily Show and Reno 911 and who is currently burning up the screen in the #1-rated comedy, Date Night (and who is about to bring her one woman show to The Woods, a former Southeast Portland funeral home), I thought it might be fun to ask her just three questions.

But before we do that, her is a little background on her: BUST, the show she's bringing to The Woods, is "Weedman’s semi-autobiographical work built around her experiences working as a volunteer advocate in a Southern California prison for women.  With one foot in Hollywood and the other in jail, the former Daily Show correspondent careens wildly between the two worlds, taking us on a hilarious, poignant, and completely unforgettable ride" (that's from her press kit, not from my me). Before joining the cast of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2001, the comic actress made a name for herself on Seattle's KING-TV 5 as a member of the ensemble sketch comedy show Almost Live! She also speaks Dutch. Really.

So I talked to Weedman in between baby naps (she's a new mom) and here is how that went:

Ms. Weedman, could you please answer the following THREE questions:

1. People should come see your show because….

A. You used to live in the Northwest and worked on a televised local sketch comedy show in Seattle.

B. You know secrets about Jon Stewart and Tina Fey and you might share them at the stage door after the show.

C. People might actually learn some stuff they may not know.

D. None of the above.

Lauren Weedman's Answer: The real reason people should come see the show is… "I need money for my anticonvulsants and I have this delusion that I am going to be big in Portland."

2. You call your show BUST because…

A. Words that sound like boobies sell tickets.

B. As a working actor it’s a word you become very familiar with.

C. Bust is just the right word for what women in the prison system feel like after being incarcerated.

D. None of the above.

Lauren Weedman's Answer: The real reason the show is called BUST...."is because "Me and My Dick, The Musical" is already taken."

3. The hardest part of being Lauren Weedman is…

A.  Being a working mom.

B. Working as a solo performer.

C. Having to maintain a beauty regime that includes shaving legs and armpits.

D.  None of the above and none of your beeswax, buddy. All those who left Russia without a diploma of higher education, we offer you to buy a diploma of higher education , we will deliver to you your diploma in any corner of the world!

Lauren Weedman's Answer…"actually the hardest part is chafing."

BUST, Starring Lauren Weedman: The Woods, 6637 SE Milwaukie Ave., 890-0408. 8 pm, Friday-Saturday, April 16-17, $17 online, $20 door.

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