PostHeaderIcon The Stardar Report: Meryl Streep Is Coming To Portland...Well, Her "Bear" is.

CARE BEARS: Carol Burnett, Meryl Streep, and other celebs are coming to Portland. Well, they aren't actually going to be here. But their celeb-u-bears are, such as the one Meryl created alongside costume queen Ann Roth (they worked together on films such as Mama Mia and Julie & Julia).

Okay, bear with me for a moment as I explain what is going on.

After Matthew Shepard's brutal and tragic death in 1998, hundreds of bears were created and donated in Matthew’s memory, as well as other victims of senseless violence and hate. These bears are displayed in the Teddy Bear Museum in Thermopolis, Wyoming and are used to educate local school children on diversity issues. They represent the international response to a hate crime that not only shook our nation, but also touched the hearts of children and adults throughout the world.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation in continuing the “bear tradition” with a fundraising and outreach campaign titled Bear to Make a Difference™. This is an ongoing campaign in which celebrities are asked to “dress” a bear and autograph it for a fundraising auction.  Proceeds will benefit the Matthew Shepard Foundation and our development of unique tools and programs to educate youth on diversity issues.

A Bear to Make a Difference auction and cocktail reception will be held Monday, March 29, 2010 at Wilf’s Restaurant in Portland, Oregon from 5:30 – 8:30 PM. The event will also give a the opportunity to honor two outstanding individuals in the local community who have made a difference in replacing hate and intolerance with love and acceptance: former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts and Portland’s own Darcelle XV with the Making a Difference Award. Local celebs auctioning off their bear creations include Darcelle, Poison Waters, and Matthew's mom, Judy Shepard who will be in attendance at the event.

Click here for tickets and more information about this important event.

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