PostHeaderIcon This and That: Busse Flew The Coop, A Hemingway Heads to PDX and Roux Goes to the Dogs

PHIL-I-BUSTER: At last night's jam-packed performance of Shen Wei Dance Arts, presented by White Bird Dance,savvy Schnitz audience members noticed a certain well known name was missing on the last page of the program. It was under the "Acknowledgments" column, toward the bottom, where it says "White Bird Team." And one name was conspicuously absent: White Bird's General Manager Phil Busse. After checking with a couple of folks in the know I was able to find out that Busse had been let go around the end of October. When I asked a member of the White Bird board to confirm that Busse was no longer White Bird's GM, George Thorn replied: "Yes, let's just say it wasn't a good fit for either White Bird or Phil." Busse, who was hired earlier this spring, lasted half the season as the general manager of White Bird. According to this article by Grant Butler at OregonLive, "funding for the first three years of Busse's position, which began April 20, comes from a grant White Bird received from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust." No word on who will replace one of the city's most colorful and controversial characters (see above) has been announced.

FOR WHOM THE BLOG TOLLS: It looks like none other than a Hemingway (yes, we are talking about Big Papa's family) will be the driving force behind a new website for the Pearl District's most wonderfully wacky shopping oasis: Cargo. According to Cargo owner, Patty Merrill, Simon Hemingway will transfer this odditorium into an interactive and highly entertaining site.

GOING TO THE DOGS: It looks like the former home to one of North Portland's most happening watering holes, is about to get a big fat doggy dish. Yes, according to signage on the door and a call to one of its locations, NoPo's hush-puppified Roux will now be the fourth dog house for a Lucky Labrador BrewPub. No word on when exactly the North Killingsworth Street beer hall will actually open, but I know plenty of two-and four-legged friends in this hood who are wagging their tails in anticipation.

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