PostHeaderIcon EAT BEAT: New Food Cart Pod Pops Up in NoPo

The New NoPod: Just back from my morning run, and I noticed a new sign up at the corner of North Killingsworth Street and Greeley Avenue.

It said "Refuel Station North."

Now, I knew this space looks like it once held a service station (see above), but this sign indicated the would be filling up the locals here with a different type of "fuel."

Yes, NoPo'ers it looks like we are getting a brand new food cart pod a la Southeast 12th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard.



Located next to the very cool Sagittarius, already a couple a spots have appeared on the scene.

First there is a Eastern European-ish sounding pizza joint that until recently was home to a lumber store. What makes this space different than the others is it isn't a cart, but rather a stand-alone building that will offer covered seating (a godsend) as well as indoor bathrooms (even better).

The other spot that has already popped up has an awesome sounding name: Brother Bob's Roving Bakery. Thing is, according to Brother Bob, he doesn't plan on roving anytime soon. His original hope was to follow all the hippie fairs that dot our region, but, according to BB, that is a hard market to break in to (who knew?).

Now Brother Bob will serve his incredibly inexpensive bakery items (and super cheap one buck coffee) on the outer-most corner of the busy intersection.

According to Bob they expect a soup and a Hawaiian joint to join the pod in the very near future, as well as up to seven more carts.

In the past, we've seen a couple of carts come and go here, but this will be the first time we will get a "pod."

It's a good day to live in North Portland.

In other good news: I hear that the people that own Mock Crest Tavern now own Yorgo's. It's located across the street from the new pod.

Last Updated (Thursday, 05 November 2009 14:15)

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