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RESTAURANT NEWS: Peter Bro is opening a new diner, find All-Way, mind in downtown Portland.

All-Way will take over the space at 615 Southwest Broadway that was home to the much beloved downtown Red Coach Restaurant that served burgers to downtowners for 55 years before closing abruptly after the death of manager Kim Durkheimer.

Bro, who is behind iconic Portland eating and drinking establishments including Aalto Lounge, Savoy Tavern, Bar Bar, Broder and Broder Nord (as well as the website) says instead of just being open for lunch, All-Way—which refers to what you always see under 4-way stop signs—will stay open past lunch for dinner service and has also applied for a license to serve cocktails.

And as much as the space and menu will change, many things will remain the same including the tufted-red booths and wrap around counters with stools. Speaking of counters, according to Bro diners will order at the counter in the entryway and the food will be delivered to tables as well as drinks.

Bro says to look for All-Way to open sometime in October.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 12 August 2014 05:12)

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