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North Farragut Group Photo, Julie, Polly & Casper, Anouk, Rosa, and the grill master

NIGHT OUT WITH FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS: I said it before and I will say it again, we are one lucky group of neighbors on North Farragut Street in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland.

We like each other and we look out for each other and I am glad our little "family" of neighbors, both past and present, come together at least one night a year to celebrate all of that.

That night is called National Night Out.

It's usually held during the week, but this year the neighbors decided to hold it on Sunday night. It was a warm night and the perfect evening to bond over burgers and potato salad as well as many unusual and delight treats from across the globe.

Half-way through the night we were visited by the fire crew of Station #26 who sampled some of the desserts made and brought to the potluck by friends.

It was a great night. It always is.

That's just the way our North Farragut neighborhood rolls.

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