PostHeaderIcon Weekend in Astoria: Q Night & Basic Rights Oregon


DJ Gray Matter, Dulcye Taylor speaks to crowd at Astoria Coffeehouse & Bistro, Marco Davis, Cute Couple, Paul Caruana, Astoria hotties, Jimbo Defeo, Tony Danton, dance party, Jimbo, Liam, award recipients and Basic Rights Oregon staff from left to right: Tony Danton, Tessa James Scheller, Marco Davis, Jimbo Defeo, Dinah Urell, Drew Herzig; front row left to right: Dulcye Taylor, Juan Martinez, Jeana Frazzini, Katie Rathmell

Q NIGHT IS ALRIGHT: Astoria Coffeehouse & Bistro was the site for another successful Q Night in Astoria, Oregon.

This summer Basic Rights Oregon has been travelling across the state talking to Oregonians about trans-inclusive health care, racial justice and celebrating the freedom to marry.  Over the weekend Astoria was the latest stop on the schedule, and like previous summers, it was held at the coolest coffeehouse on the coast.

In fact, Astoria Coffeehouse & Bistro's Q Night is the stuff of legends.

Saturday night kept the legend going with a pre-function/reception where several Astorians and North Coast residents were honored for their good work in the LGBT community. The dance party didn't start until late, after 10 pm, but despite the late-ish hour it always manages to draw a huge crowd away from their beach houses to shake their booties to the one and only DJ Gray Matter.

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