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Dennis Richardson's letter to the Medford Mail-Tribune in June, 2001

It was recently brought to my attention that the Republican candidate for Oregon Governor, Dennis Richardson, penned an anti-gay letter to the editor of the Medford Mail-Tribune in June of 2001.

In the letter Dennis Richardson, of Central Point, was defending the policy of the Boy Scouts to not allow gay men to be scout masters.

In the letter Richardson stated the the Boy Scouts faced "relentless attacks by anti-religious, anti-family activists for not allowing atheist practicing homosexual men to lead Boy Scouts." He continued that "Atheists and homosexual men have rights under the law, but their moral standards should no more be forced on the Boy Scouts of America than the BSA's standards should be forced on them." Unlim Pokecoins Pokemon Go Hack Android and IOS

In May of 2013 the BSA voted to end their discriminatory ban on openly gay youth. Gay men over the age of 18 are still excluded from leading.

Update: Attempts to reach Dennis Richardson for comment have not been returned.

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