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Noah Wylie, Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Sara Wylie, Chad Griffin, Barbara Roberts, Terry Bean, Collin McFayden, Mary Soderberg, Jeff Merkley, Jeana Frazzini, Jerry and Rebecca, Sara and Noah, Meg, Derrick Gordon, Karol Collymore, Dana Goldberg, Diane Linn, Scott Showalter, Buster Ross, Juan Martinez, Jerry, Juan, Noah, Byron Beck, Sara, Jeana and Collin

STARDAR REPORT: Noah Wylie, Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn, UMass basketball guard Derrick Gordon, American Idol contestant David Hernandez, Senator Jeff Merkley: The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) definitely knows what it takes to make the stars shine under the stars when it comes to their summertime gala and dinner.

Like in 2013, this year's fete was held on a beautiful summer night on the grounds of Lewis and Clark College. It was the perfect setting to raise funds and celebrate victories for the LGBT community. The nights'  program included compelling words from HRC President Chad Griffin as well as actors Noah Wylie and Rebecca Romijn, who are currently filming the television series "The Librarians" in the Portland area. Joining the incredibly adorable Noah was his gorgeous wife (and recent bride) Sara Wylie and next to Rebecca was her hubby, the sweet and very handsome Jerry O'Connell who shot "Stand By Me" in Oregon when he was a much younger man. The event also included appearances by Derrick Gordon, who is believed to be the first publicly gay active men’s player in Division I college basketball as well as comedian Dana Goldberg.

All in all, quite a starry night for Human Rights.

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