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PENNIE'S PARTY: Pennie Lane is in my ears and in my eyes....and also in many of our hearts.

Yes, there really is a Pennie Lane and she lives in Portland. And she was, and still very much is, such an inspiration.

A celebration was held in honor of the birthday for the much celebrated Pennie Lane Trumbull at Alexis Restaurant on Saturday night.

The Greek restaurant was the perfect setting to wish Pennie a very happy birthday with song, squid and plenty of ouzo. Pennie's pals that gathered treated her with sweet kisses, tributes and lots of love for this very kind and special lady.

I would love to gush more about Miss Pennie, but I know she would want me to cut this short...and probably thinks I've already said too much...but I do have one more thing to say and that is:

"Happy Birthday Pennie! We LOVE you!"

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