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Tony Tapatio, Sahexy, Morti-Air, contestants, Sherry Alexis, Kara, winner Tony Tapatio after his win

TO ERR IS HUMAN. TO AIR GUITAR IS DIVINE: So not only did I judge a "top model" contest for dogs this week, I was also one of the judges for the U.S. Air Guitar Contest at Dante's on Saturday night.

It was the only Portland qualifying event for this freaky national competition as well as a benefit for the SUN Community School Program.

My fellow judges included national champ, Lieutenant Facemelter (who took off his pants and changed into some really groovy threads back in the judging area), the Marquis, and local radio god Daniel Bozyk.

After adult bevvies were provided the panel got our asses to judging. I was told to look for three things: technical accuracy, showmanship and “Airness” ("you’ll know it when you see it," my instructions said).

After each contestant competed we gave them a score and a few words. Well, maybe I gave them more than a few words...and a little 'tide...but they seemed to take it all in stride.

For this competition there were two rounds. The top 5 from the first round went on to the second round where they were asked to play a song they had no time to prepare for. It was all very cool and very airy.

The winner was Tony Tapatio who had all the right moves, and then some. The second and third place winners weren't that easy to pick and ended up in a twisted, messy air-off. At the end Sahexy and Morti-Air ended up taking second and third. That air-off was AWESOME (it included a stage dive). Damn, the whole night was AWESOME. Can't wait to see if one of these three will air their way to a national crown. Represent, Portland!

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