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Helen Raptis, Kimberly Weishoff, Sheryl Stewart, Poison Waters and Pango, Sandi Langman and Sebastian, one of the TopDog contestants

TOP DOG: I would like to thank LexiDog, Hotel Monaco, and the Oregon Humane Society for allowing me to participate in their 7th Annual TopDog Model Event.

For the event, held last week, I was one of the lucky judges alongside Kimberly Weishoff, Helen Raptis, Sheryl Stewart, Mitch Elliott and Kevin Cook, aka Poison Waters. The emcee was the one and only Andy Carson.

There were incredible entries and somehow they narrowed the contestants down to the top 12 small and top 12 large dogs. Prior to the event we were whisked back to a VIP suite where were able to relax and have a cocktail.

As for the contest, it was really hard to pick a "top dog." Fact is, all of them were "top" to me and my fellow judges. But we had to choose, and here is who ended up in the winners circle:  in the large dogs (30 pounds or more) category, Ross, a 12-year old English Springer spaniel was chosen as the TopDog Model. The Fan Favorite of the same category was awarded to Huck, a Tibetan mastiff pup. For the small dogs, Smoochie, an eight-year-old Pomeranian, won TopDog Model honors. Lola, a terrier mix, was the Fan Favorite small dog.

It had been years since I had participated in this incredible event, and I was pleased as punch to be back amongst the pooches at this year's spectacular event. 

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