PostHeaderIcon A Rainy But Very Bright Portland Pride Festival 2014




Brian Sims, Juan Martinez, police escort, Paul Rummel, Jeff Merkley, Mary Soteberg, Ben West, Jay, Darcelle, Dori, Misha Isaak, Ellen Rosenblum, Gabe, Christopher and David, Terry Bean, Barbara Roberts, Kate Brown, Darcelle, Kourtni, Alexis, Byron, Juan, Rob Nosse, Jules Bailey, Matt, Derek, Alec, parade marchers and viewers

PRIDE 2014: Rain and the occasional downpour didn't dampen the spirits of those who attended Sunday's Pride Parade and Waterfront Festival in Tom McCall Park. And there was plenty to celebrate including all the good news about marriage equality and our communities dedication to continue working on equality for all people.

I especially loved running into so many old friends as well as new ones like Rep. Brian Sims from Pennsylvania who walked with Nike in the parade with out gay athletes from across the country. It was also great to see longtime community leaders like Terry Bean and Gov. Barbara Roberts (Oregon's own "Will" and"Grace") and icons like Darcelle.

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