PostHeaderIcon Civic Pride: PDX's City Club Civic Drinks at Starky's


Erin Janssens, Karol Collymore, Caryn Brooks, Damon Williams, Sam Adams, Steven Lien, Carl Snook and Juan Martinez at Civic Drinks

CIVIC PRIDE: Civic Drinks is a mix of informal conversation, connection and cocktails presented monthly by City Club. It's an opportunity to mingle with local leaders, City Club members, and others involved or interested in civic issues.

This month's Civic Drinks was held at Starky's on SE Stark Street in honor of LGBTQ Pride and Pride month.

Special guests included LGBTQ organizations  such as Basic Rights Oregon, Cascades AIDS Project, Equity Foundation, GLSEN Oregon, OGALLA, Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition, PFLAG Portland, PFLAG Black Chapter, Portland Latino Gay Pride and Rosetown Ramblers.

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