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Lisa Donoughe, Cathy Whims, Allison Blythe, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, A Wild Thing and Max, Anthony Cafiero's legs, the crowd at Nostrana

NIGHT OWLS: Oh gawd I could use a nap right now. That's because I was up until the wee hours of the night with all the cool kids have a nightcap...well...actually it was Negronis at the 4th Annual Negroni Social at Nostrana. This year's Negroni Social was called "In The Night Kitchen" and a included all sorts of Maurice Sendak send-ups and get-ups including me in a bright yellow, glitter-fied crown.

This awesome and always late, late, very late night (it doesn't kick off until 10:30—on a school night no less) of Negronis featured recipes from 12 different female chefs as well as Portland's coolest cats/bartenders including Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Beckaly, Nathan Gerdes, Dave Shenaut and Douglas Derrick, as well as a bunch of other awesome drink makers. Prizes were awarded for the best dressed (it's always a glittery affair) and everyone was encouraged to wear as a Maurice Sendak character, hence my crown.

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