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Back row: Mayor Charlie and Nancy Hales, John Harrell, Al Machemel, (front row) Kathy Hubbard, Mayor Annise Parker and Jeana Frazzini

THE NEXT GOVERNOR OF TEXAS? Houston Mayor Annise Parker's LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance is being brought to full council for a vote today. Parker, who is openly gay, first called for an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance in her inaugural address. She has seen major opposition from conservatives across the state of Texas. But she, and many others, are working diligently to make sure this incredibly important ordinance passes.

Mayor Parker recently visited Portland with her partner, Kathy Hubbard. Mayor Parker was here on behalf of Oregon United for Marriage and is a longtime supporter of the freedom to marry. She joined many community leaders, including Mayor Charlie and Nancy Hales, at the home of Al Machemehl and John Harrell.

That evening Mayor Parker spoke about many things, including the non-discrimination ordinance, and she hinted that she is looking toward the future and a possible run for governor of Texas. Now, that would make it a really great state of Texas.

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