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CELEB-U-WATCH: Deet is dunzo. Edward Furlong has been released from his latest film project, "Deet N' Bax Save The World." Here's what I heard went down and why Furlong is no longer involved with the film.

Edward Furlong was scheduled to begin production on his latest film last Saturday, May 10. But the actor, who is currently on probation due to a domestic violence dispute, didn't even make it to Portland until nearly midnight on Wednesday, May 14, and wasn't able to make it to the set until the following day.

Furlong's late arrival pushed the film behind what was already tight schedule. So tight in fact, that his co-star Weston Cage, son of Nicholas Cage, was then unable to complete his scenes with Furlong due to his wife's inability to travel via plane during the late stage of her pregnancy.

Official word from the set is Furlong's late arrival made it impossible to finish the indie stoner action comedy about "sex, guns, weed and salmon."

But sources say Furlong was far from his tip-top Terminator 2 shape for this latest role. On the short few days Furlong was on set as "Deet," he seemed to struggle with his lines and according to one source, was reduced to being fed individual words to say from someone just out of the sight line of the rolling cameras.

Production on "Deet N' Bax" has been postponed until August allowing Cage time off for the birth of his child and a chance for the producers to re-cast Furlong's now vacant role.

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