PostHeaderIcon Bow Wow Bowl: Pixie Project's Furbowl Hits The Lanes


Amy Saks, Amy Vaughn, My Whistling Pixie team Juan Martinez, Missy Townsend, Donny Rowtown, Erika Polmar and Donny having a fun on the lanes

FURRY BOWLING FUN: The Pixie Project held its annual Fur Bowl on Saturday night at AMF Pro 300 Lanes on Southeast Powell.

The event, which reached its goal and then some, was a fun way to support Pixie’s dogs and cats as well as bowl your brains out all the while enjoying festive music and food. And that's exactly what my fellow Whistling Pixie teammates Juan Martinez, Missy Townsend, Erika Polmar and Donny Rowton did. As well as about 30 other fur and fun-loving teams. 

Thanks to all who donated to the cause including Rob Lussier, Diego Sanchez, David Shafer, Fiona McCann and GoLocalPDX. You guys are the best!

Last Updated (Sunday, 18 May 2014 21:10)

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