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RED HOT RED DRESS: The annual Red Dress PDX dance party where everyone (except the cocktail staff and a couple of photogs) don a red dress and dance the night away is generally a very hot affair. But on Saturday night, truth is, all the nearly exposed nips and willies looked downright chilly. That's because it was so damn cold outside. BRRR.

That said, the evening warmed up a bit once the thumping throng of guys and gals in various states of red dress (and undress) filled up the floor at Sandbox Studios and starting sharing their humpiest dance moves to the music of Cabaret Chanteuse, hottie performing artist AB Soto, and DJs Wildfire, Jens Irish, Chelsea Starr, Jakob Jay, Stormy Roxx and Nark.

This year's theme was "Red Wedding" but instead of giving a Games of Thrones massacre vibe, the crowd seemed to have more of an "attack of the giant Golden Girls" glamazon look. Everyone was so damn tall. I blame it on the bedazzled hooker heels. Just like the red dresses, those sparkly pumps were on everyone.

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