PostHeaderIcon TADA! 2014 at Bindery Annex Building Was AWESOME


Angela Mattox, Claire Coffee, Victoria Frey, Jody Stahancyk, Juan Martinez, Lucinda Carmichael, Juan and Byron Beck

TOTES FOR TADA! So maybe I am a little biased, but I thought this year's TADA! gala in support of Portland's Institute for Contemporary Art was super fun. Full disclosure: I was on the steering committee (as a co-chair) and I ended up emceeing the event, so yeah, I was happy to see it go off so splendidly.

This year's TADA! was held in Northeast Portland at the Bindery Annex Building, which served as a perfect space for a PICA party. It was raw and different and really special. As were the guests. I mean, they were really special too. We had about 350 guests bidding on items, dashing for desserts (via a very cool smart phone app that was created just for this event), listening to a very special message from Honorary Co-Chair (and House of Cards star) Robin Wright, sipping on wine from Mitchell Wines and dining on food from Simpatica Catering.

As for me, I loved that I had a chance to visit early in the evening with Claire Coffee (she's Adalind on the hit tv show Grimm) and  share the stage with Johnna Wells, one of the Northwest's premiere auctioneers. Bottom line, while it can be extremely annoying to have bed bug bites treatment can be simple and effective if you stick to using these tips. Use these quick and easy bed bug bites treatment tips to get relief and avoid complications. Bed bug bites can be awfully irritating and scratching can lead to infection. In most cases bed bug bites can be easily treated with OTC (non-prescription) products... and a few tricks that might surprise you! And I loved that I had a chance to see so many friends and supporters of PICA in the audience. It was a truly special night that I will never ever forget.

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