PostHeaderIcon Olmeca Altos Cocktail Countdown 2.0 at Union Pine



St. Jack winners with Emily Baker (center top), ping pong hotties, judges Tyler, Katie and Juan, cowboy, hot bald bartender, Kevin, Juan, Herve, more hot bartenders, mariachi band and more hotties at Union Pine

COCKTAIL COUNTDOWN: Had the chance to stay up late, eat Tamale Boy tamales, listen to Mariachi music, guzzle tequila and watch my Juan and only judge a cocktail contest. All in all, it was a pretty good night at Union Pine for the the Olmeca Altos Cocktail Countdown where six teams from six different drinking establishments created creative concoctions with Olmeca Altos Agave.

Here's what Emily Baker who made it all happen had to say about it: "Last night's Olmeca Altos event was amazing. Thank you to Daniel Warrilow for MCing, Juan Martinez, Katie Burnett and Tyler Stevens for judging and CONGRATULATIONS are in order for ST. JACK restaurant & bar for taking home the win! I truly appreciate the effort everyone put in to organizing this and to all the folks that came and drank tequila, THANK YOU! (Shout out to The Commissary PDX Sean Hoard and Daniel Shoemaker for the amazing drinks and to Tamale Boy for the great food, and to the fantastic line up of competitors Rum Club, Interurban, Swift Lounge , Vault Martini, and The Knock Back!)"

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