PostHeaderIcon Newsie Night: PQ Press Party at NE's Local Lounge


Basic Rights Oregon Exec. Dir. Jeana Frazzini, Collin McFadyen, Melanie Davis, Alicia J. Rose, Stephen Cassell, Judge Kemp, John Halseth and Robin Castro

PRESSED TO IMPRESS: It was quite the night, considering the day we all had.

Last night's Press Party for PQ Monthly was hot on the heels of Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum announcement in a legal filing that Measure 36 “cannot withstand a federal constitutional challenge under any standard of review,” and that the State defendants in Rummell v. Kitzhaber will not defend the ban that excludes same-sex couples from marriage."

It was a good day.

And folks were in the mood to celebrate. I guess that's why so many peeps showed up at Local Lounge to visit/party with friends and fellow soldiers who have worked so diligently on the front lines of the marriage equality movement.

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