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Tanner, Jack and Todd at Nautilus in Vancouver, Wash.

HALLOWEEN SCENES: Something altogether spooky happened last week at the world headquarters of Nautilus in Vancouver, Wash., aka these are the same people who gave the world Bowflex. Halloween is sort of a national holiday for this newly energized global company, and in honor of the big day, the ENTIRE company transforms each of their departments, which every other day of the year look like your standard office space, into elaborately themed dioramas with a somewhat spooky bent. It's all done for the staff members children who travel through at least ten different areas to get their scare on and grab a fistful of candy.

And the departments don't disappoint. I was one of the judges this year and was beyond amazed and what these creative types did with their spaces: there was a haunted carnival straight out of a Katy Perry video, the Nightmare Before Christmas that had a real live Jack Skellington and Sally, the underwater home of Spongebob Squarepants, and not one but two pirate ships. Speaking of pirate ships, I still could not believe they the new product development built an ENTIRE life-size sailing vessel, complete with a floating shark, working cannons and fighting scaliwags, in less than a day. Play best friv games site. VERY impressive.

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