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Roe's Trent Pierce, Departure's Gregory Gourdet, Riffle's Jenn Quist, Amelia Hard,  the ladies of Moet Chandon and Smokehouse 21's BJ Smith at Taste of The Nation

TASTY NIGHT: I remember a day when Chef's Night Out was one of the biggest nights in Portland.

Truth is, it still is. But, now after these oh-so-many-26-years, it's called "Taste of The Nation."

Many of Oregon's best Chefs, Winemakers, Brewers and Distillers come together, for one night, to end childhood hunger. That night, happened on Tuesday at The Crystal Ballroom. Each ticket purchased for The Taste of The Nation helps support Share Our Strength’s efforts in eliminating childhood hunger.

In the wake of staggering reports that nearly half of all children in the U.S. will be on food stamps at the some point in their life, there is no time to waste. The time to act is now.

And that's exactly what everyone did last night on two different floors of The Crystal, as well as on the stage and in the balcony. Food and drink covered every inch of this spectacular space. GEM Restaurants (newish restaurants on the local scene) served from 5 pm to 6:15pm in Lola's Room, while upstairs over 30 different favorites dished out the good stuff to a capacity crowd of cuisine-friendly folk until 9 pm.

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