PostHeaderIcon Culinary Celebration: Bounty of the (Yamhill) County


Plates of tomatoes, Russ Rosner, Susan Sokol Blosser, Jeff and Liz Knapp, Deborah Kafoury, Aisling Coghlan, Zack Geary, Cheryl Hansen, Daniel Mondok

BOUNTY-FULL: An epicurean feast of Yamhill County treats was on display early Sunday evening at Sokol Blosser Winery at "Bounty of the County" a celebration of the chefs, farmers and winemakers of this incredibly verdant region.

Several of Oregon’s most celebrated chefs—including Paulee's Daniel Mondok, Thistle's Eric Bechard, The Allison's Sunny Jory among many others—paired with local sustainable farmers to create a fabulous meal while local sommeliers served Yamhill County’s famous wines. Instead of an auction, a general store offered the best of the Valley and regionally-inspired art was also on display. This celebration of the farm-to-table connection was orchestrated by the Yamhill Enrichment Society. sexluzern

And I must give a shout-out to one of its most vocal supporters, Susan Sokol Blosser who was not only celebrating the county that night but also an anniversary with her partner, winemaker Russ Rosner.

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