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Five of the seven cast members of Real World Portland (and some random dude in the back).

REAL WORLD PORTLAND WATCH: Looks like the cast members of Real World Portland are ready for their close-ups. Well, at least five of them are..or were...on Thursday night, Aug. 2, now known as the first night the kids were in town.

The person who partied with them that night at Urban Studio's "Pearl Nights," shared this photo with me. He wasn't sure where the other two gals from the show were during this photo-booth-style shoot, but he did let me know that the dark-haired guy with the buzz cut is from Boston, Mass. (and may even be nicknamed "Boston.") I am pretty certain the girl in the glasses kissing on the other girl is Avery Averey Tressler, the Arizona Hooters bartender (much more on her here). Not sure what the others names are, but they sure are cute...and photogenic...I guess that's the point, right?

And the poor bastard with the beard that keeps photo-bombing the poor Real World Portland kids? That's Jonny, a DJ bartender at the soon-to-be-closed Aura. Go, Jonny, go. Subacromial bursitis has similar symptoms to Supraspinatus tendinitis with shoulder pain over a 60 degree arc when the arm is lifted sideways. Symptoms of subacromial bursitis can be similar to those of supraspinatus inflammation or injury in the shoulder. There will be pain and weakness in the arm, particularly when it is lifted sideways through a 60 degree arc.

More gossip to come...including a couple will just have to wait.

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