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Two of the beautiful people at Lizard Lounge

First Thursday! Oh How I Missed You...

Rain or shine people love a great event. Just happens that this is Oregon, so we get more rain than anything. But that did not stop people from coming out for a 'First Thursday' event at Lizard Lounge.

Before last night I had only experienced Lizard Lounge by what I saw on-line. I was not disappointed. Great clothes, accessories and a very friendly staff. Mix this in with a good cause and you have a great night.

The Cause: Creative Cares is a group that connects creative volunteers with non-profits with a common goal: change the world.

Creative Cares partnered up with Lizard Lounge for this great event. 10% of clothing sales at the Lizard Lounge went directly to Creative Cares. Great to hear of more local shops helping local groups and local people.  Yes, artists are people too. Also, Lizard Lounge was offering 20% off of regular priced merch during the event. Yeah, I had to pick up a few things while there.

The Scene: Beer, Widmer Brothers Brewing. Food, Koi Fusion. Live music, Chris Pierce + Shane Alexander. Art Show: 'Once Opened' is made up of images by Ellen Webber, Sara Cross and Ashley Conde. Crowd, all ages.

The crowd was laid back, relaxed and very well dressed. Just about everyone was willing to pose for pictures for the multiple cameras running around. A few were reluctant, and some just right down said no. We will write it off to the rain causing for a few hairs being out of place. Oh vanity...overall the night was great. The beer was flowing, the music was great, the five tacos from Koi Fusion were amazing. Thank you to Lizard Lounge and everyone who made this night so great and  I look forward to the next one.

P.S. I had some more photos of the event, but since the night was followed by Happy Hour at El Gaucho on Broadway and Karaoke and drinks at Domenic's Bar and Grille in S.E. Portland, my phone is M.I.A. GREAT!

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