PostHeaderIcon Let's see how this goes: Today's gossip.

Have you missed me?
Well, before you get too excited, let's just say I am going to give this blog a try.
I have NO idea how it will all work out.
So...heavy sigh...on with the show.

Today's gossip comes the world of Twilight and also from a rock god on the verge of his twilight years.

First up. Twilight. The movie. Not the book. Did anyone see the most UNCOMFORTABLE interview ever of Twilight's Bella and Edward, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on this morning's Today Show. Not only did the stars mumble their answers back to Meredith Viera, but looked like they were about to be set on fire, or at least break into tears, when they found out they were being pulled outside so there fans could ask them some questions.
Speaking of tears, I've heard from a reliable source that owners of a certain local space that plays a pivotal role in the film have yet to pay back brides who placed refundable deposits to have their weddings at this "magical" spot. No word on when they might get their money back.

Up in Seattle, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen rocked out (okay, he played guitar) with Robbie Robertson last night at Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum's second annual Founder's Gala. Allen wasn't supposed to show up to the Seattle soiree, but at the last minute made an appearance onstage with Robertson, a longtime friend.

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